MBT Women shoes

MBT women's shoes - the successful blend of looks and comfort
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Orthopaedic shoes from MBT - a modern look

MBT shoes are orthopaedic shoes that impress with their modern design, comfort and quality. The characteristic feature of the innovative MBT shoes is the rounded sole shape and the soft heel, which helps to improve posture. The shoe's highly modified design simulates walking on natural, uneven and soft ground, so that even muscle areas are addressed that are not used at all with conventional footwear.

This means that if you get sore muscles when you first start wearing your MBT shoes, the shoe has been able to work its magic and stimulate the activity of your deeper muscles. Get used to your new shoes slowly and start by wearing your MBT for several hours at a time. Since the body has to constantly perform balancing movements due to the rocking sole, MBT shoes are also called "balancing foot wear" in specialist circles. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing, the shoes are not only beneficial to health, but also very durable.
MBT shoes & sandals for women: comfortable and healthy for everyday life

MBT presents comfortable and convenient shoes for women that help you get through everyday life pain-free. Especially those who are on their feet for a long time often complain about back and joint pain, which is triggered by an incorrect load on the feet. Wearing MBT women's shoes is recommended as a solution, because the physiological MBT shoes & sandals for women offer optimal conditions for the feet and help reduce back pain. The thick rounded sole of the MBT shoes simulates natural movements like walking barefoot on uneven ground and relieves the musculoskeletal system.

Thanks to its innovative Masai Barefoot Technology, it trains the support and postural muscles of the entire body. Wearing the shoe strengthens the gluteal, abdominal and back muscles. Whether you're standing or walking, you'll work your muscles and even burn calories with the MBT work shoes for women. Enjoy maximum comfort while promoting muscle development and an upright gait, and buy MBT women's shoes that will help you master everyday life in a fashionable and healthy way. You can conveniently order your MBT shoes free of shipping costs in our online shop, or buy the right shoe for you with expert advice in our shop in Cologne.

MBT women's shoes - the perfect combination of looks and comfort

Despite being comfortable and healthy, MBT shoes don't let their looks fall by the wayside. With their modern and varied designs, MBT women's shoes also meet the highest fashion demands. Whether casual, sporty or elegant, we offer shoes for every taste in our MBT store. The MBT collection includes both light summer shoes and sporty low shoes, as well as warm shoes and boots for the winter.
We also offer visually appealing women's work shoes, boots and MBT sports shoes that provide training support and performance enhancement during sports thanks to the unique technology. Be inspired by the quality, design and price of MBT shoes for women and look forward to the beneficial effect when wearing them.