The effect of MBT footwear

MBT shoes can relieve your back and joint problems

Are you looking for a shoe that can help you alleviate your back problems? MBT technology can help you! The specially developed technology for improving posture, body sensation and scientifically proven effectiveness for knee/joint and back problems is available in its original form exclusively from certified stockists..

MBT shoes support the improvement of your posture

MBT shoes have been used as health shoes in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for many years. People in the western world are used to walking on hard, artificial floors and wearing shoes for this purpose, which primarily serve as stylish footwear. Women in high heels are also well aware that the favoured heel shoes are not exactly conducive to foot health and can also cause further health problems in the long term. Nevertheless, the desire for a visually chic shoe that matches the chosen outfit and occasion is clearly the favourite. However, if you realise that your feet carry you through your whole life, it is never too late to opt for relieving, health-promoting footwear.

You have to learn to walk on MBT shoes

At first glance, a shoe with a rolling surface seems to take some time to get used to when walking, standing or running. The impression is not deceptive, because our body is not actually used to walking barefoot. However, this is exactly the effect that an MBT shoe has - in effect, it simulates barefoot walking, thus explaining the name and the technology - Masai Barefoot Technology. The shoe can only develop its full effect if you familiarise yourself with how it works and gradually get used to the changed conditions when wearing your MBT.

Already with the first walking attempts at home, you will notice that the necessary rolling movements give you the feeling of having an unstable posture. Your feeling is exactly right, because the simulation of barefoot walking is what makes the technology work. Now you will certainly think that you feel safer when you actually run barefoot. This is true in that we walk on unnatural surfaces and have learned to do so from childhood. Do you remember your last beach holiday? Did you walk barefoot through the sand and had to balance your body to keep your footing? Simply explained, you have exactly this situation when you walk on solid ground with an MBT. There is a sole index for MBT women's shoes and MBT men's shoes so you can buy your new health shoes to match your activity level.

What distinguishes an MBT shoe from conventional orthopaedic shoes?

Anyone who has already had their first experience with orthopaedic shoes or is currently looking for their first pair of orthopaedic shoes has already discovered that it is not that easy to find a healthy shoe that is also stylish. MBT shoes are not only chic, elegant, sporty or modern, they also take the strain off your spine and joints. After all, with every step you take, hard surfaces release a shock that puts a lot of strain on the knee and hip joints in particular, which is noticeably reduced by wearing an MBT. Most wearers of MBT shoes also feel the biggest changes especially in their backs, because the necessary rolling movement relieves the back and alleviates pain. So it's not just about healthy feet, you can also see your MBT as a fitness device that stimulates the activities of the deep muscles in different parts of the body.