Questions and answers

In order to help you know how to use and care for your MBT, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone - we will be happy to help you!
Questions about the product  
I am interested in buying a pair of MBT. What can I expect when I visit an MBT retailer? Under professional guidance, you will learn which MBT sole index best suits your activities and in which size you need your MBT shoes. You will then be shown how to walk and stand properly so that you can fully enjoy the MBT experience. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes.
Why is the fit of the MBT so important? To take full advantage of the MBT functionality, it is important to find the right size: tight fit at the instep, with the heel sliding all the way back, toes should move freely but not bump into the front. Your normal shoe size is not necessarily crucial.
What sizes are MBT available in? MBTs come in 2/3 and full sizes. For women from size 36 to 42, some models are additionally available in size 35 and 43. For men from size 39 to 47, here some models are also available up to size 49. We will be happy to help you with your fitting.
How does MBT work? The key to the patented MBT Footwear is the sole construction with the Masai Sensor at the heart and the balancing area. Touching down on the soft sensor creates a comfortable feeling and creates a natural instability that can have a positive effect on the muscle activity of the lower extremities. Rolling over the balancing area can help improve posture and balance. *
*Results may vary depending on the individual.
What is the difference between normal shoes and MBTs? Unlike normal shoes, the patented MBT Masai Sensor and balancing area causes instability that your body instinctively tries to correct. The increased muscle activity can improve posture and balance. *
*Results may vary depending on the individual.
Why does MBT have this round sole? The sole of the MBT is rounded so that the natural rolling movement is trained and the short contact with the ground on the heel, bones and joints can be relieved. In the MBT, you roll continuously over the sole of your foot, whereas in a normal shoe you roll off, which can cause harmful shocks to the body.
What does MBT stand for? MBT stands for "Masai Barefoot Technology". The choice of name was inspired by the Masai people. They are known for their upright posture and athletically shaped bodies. They hardly have any problems with their backs and joints, as active walking on natural surfaces (similar to MBT) trains the muscles.
Why is MBT the anti-shoe? The slogan "the anti-shoe" comes from an earlier marketing campaign. The aim was to explain that MBT is the functional opposite (the antithesis) of the normal shoe. While normal shoes support, guide and cushion in an unnatural way, MBT activates the body's natural support and hold system (muscles close to the joints).
What does the bobbing sole do? MBT's patented shoes have a rounded sole construction with an integrated balancing area that contributes to an active and controlled rolling motion.
Can I buy MBTs online? The largest selection of MBT models in Germany can be found at Alternatively, you can find a list of all dealers authorised by the company on
Are there vegan MBTs? Although we do not have 100% vegan models, as traces of animal products may be present in adhesives, there are some models that are made of 100% synthetic materials.
Questions on use  
For what kind of activities is MBT suitable? MBT is suitable for normal walking and hiking as well as footwear for everyday use to benefit from the unique MBT effect during daily standing and walking. The MBT can intensify various exercises.
What kind of activities and sports is MBT NOT suitable for? It should not be used for exercises with lateral or stop-and-go movement such as running, tennis, basketball and aerobics. MBT is not suitable for sports that require rapid changes of direction. Use the specific sports shoes here.
Can I wear MBTs every day? Wear the MBT as long as you feel comfortable. Wear your MBTs as regularly as possible.
Why do I feel my leg muscles after wearing MBT? Slight muscle fatigue is not at all unusual at the beginning, but should quickly subside. Note: Please note that the use of MBTs as an additional therapy for pre-existing physical complaints must be supervised by a medical professional!
Do I need an introductory course after I have bought my MBT? You will receive an introduction when you buy an MBT in the shop, where you will be shown how to walk and stand properly in the MBT.
Can I wear MBTs to the gym? MBTs were developed to bring more movement through instability into everyday life, while standing and walking. Therefore, MBT can be used for instability training.
Is MBT suitable for standing all day? MBT is perfect for standing all day. The sole of the MBT constantly prompts you to make small rocking movements, which trains the back muscles and can relieve the joints and back. In addition, the calf muscle pump is activated, which can have a positive effect on blood circulation. Wear your MBTs as long as you feel comfortable.
I am pregnant, can I wear MBTs? MBTs are beneficial both before and after pregnancy. If you wore MBTs before pregnancy, then you can continue to wear them. If you did not wear MBTs before pregnancy, we recommend that you wait until after the birth. Do not continue to wear MBTs during pregnancy if you feel uncomfortable and this is due to MBT. If you are receiving treatment from a medically qualified professional, such as a physiotherapist or midwife, you can seek advice on whether the use of MBTs is indicated.
Can I wear MBTs with orthopaedic insoles? Wearing orthopaedic insoles in MBTs is not recommended because they support the feet but do not stimulate the foot muscles. In contrast, MBTs stimulate and activate the foot muscles. One should try to wear MBTs without an orthopaedic device to fully benefit from the MBT technology.
In certain cases, orthopaedic insoles can be combined with MBTs, but should be fitted by a specialist. In general, the therapeutic use of MBT (with or without orthopaedic insoles) should always be supervised by a healthcare professional, as in the case of:
- Severe splayfoot - as additional forefoot relief.
- Severe flatfoot - individual orthopaedic insoles should be made by a specialist who is familiar with MBT
- Differently long legs (up to 1 cm)
Can I drive with MBTs? Yes, you can. But you should feel safe and comfortable in your MBTs.
Questions about maintenance and repair  
How long will my MBTs last? Our experience has shown that the MBT lasts longer than a conventional shoe. The durability may be positively influenced by the following factors:
-Daily wearing time
-Individual body constitution
Can MBTs be treated with waterproofing sprays? MBTs can be treated with care products just like any other shoe. However, you should take care that your MBTs do not come into contact with aggressive substances or liquids.
How can I clean my MBTs? Wipe the MBT with a damp cloth to prevent damage to the Masai Sensor. The leather products should be treated with waterproofing spray or other care products before first use. For care of the upper and sole, refer to the care instructions attached to each pair of MBTs.
Can I wash MBTs in the washing machine? No, never!
Can my MBTs be resoled? Of course. However, to protect the Masai Sensor and to avoid sole fractures, the MBT should be resoled before the outsole wears out.
Where can I get my MBT shoes repaired? If your heel sensor (Masai Sensor) is defective or you need a new outsole for your MBT shoes, you are welcome to send them to MBT Store Köln, Lungengasse 22a, 50676 Cologne. We will be happy to repair your shoes while it is still possible. A new insole with a new soft heel sensor (Masai Sensor) costs 79,- Euro. 
What care instructions do I need to follow? MBTs are made of particularly hard-wearing materials. Proper care guarantees a long life for your MBTs. You will find care instructions for the upper and sole attached to each pair of MBTs.
How long do I have a guarantee on an MBT? If damage occurs to your MBT, the MBT will only be replaced if it has been treated according to the care instructions. Take the MBT with the purchase receipt to the MBT Service Centre or the responsible MBT specialist dealer. No warranty can be accepted for consequential damage resulting from late notification of damage or improper repair.