MBT product authentication

Product authentication of MBT shoes

We repeatedly receive reports from customers who have purchased their MBT shoe from an unauthorised dealer and found out upon delivery that they have not purchased an original MBT shoe. Please be aware that the scientifically proven effect of the sensor technology cannot occur in this case. Apart from this, it is disappointing for any customer to discover that the product purchased is a counterfeit. We do our best to detect counterfeit fraud and, if possible, to prevent it in advance.

Counterfeit MBTs online and how to protect yourself from them

To effectively combat the problem of counterfeiting, MBT is working with the company Certilogo, which provides a platform that allows you to check the authenticity of your purchased product. The Milan-based company has developed a user-friendly system that allows you to determine whether your product is genuine or fake. To make this possible, every single original pair of MBT shoes is given a Certilogo label with a unique identification code.

The label is always located in the left shoe of a pair and, in addition to the identification code, contains the web address where you can carry out the check. So no matter how good or bad a fake has been made, you can be absolutely sure by checking the code. It is quite possible to produce a very good optical fake, but this is not possible with the patented sensor technology inside your shoe.

How can you still protect yourself from fraud by dubious internet traders?

Make sure that you only buy your MBT shoe from an authorised dealer, only here do you have the absolute certainty that you will really receive an original. As a certified dealer, you are guaranteed to receive only originals with an identification code from us. We would also be happy to welcome you personally to our MBT shop in Cologne! You can get a complete list of certified dealers directly from MBT.

Further clues for a fraudulent website are, for example, a missing imprint or poorly translated texts. If no secure payment methods are offered, this is also a useful indication of whether you are on the website of an authorised dealer. Protect yourself, your money and above all - your health!