Original MBT shoes are only available from certified retailers.

Is Kybun the successor to MBT?
This is a question we face again and again. The answer is: No. But people mistakenly assume that Kybun is the successor of MBT. We find this very misleading, because the two manufacturers actually have nothing to do with each other! Any roll-on shoe that is not made by MBT is not an original MBT. Kybun is not a successor of MBT, but an independent brand. Kybun shoes are a product that has nothing to do with the original MBT shoe. There is no roll-off sole as with MBT. But this is exactly what makes an original MBT.
MBT Original - there can only be one!
We are also often asked what alternatives there are if you don't want to do without the effect of MBT shoes. The answer is quite simple: none! That doesn't mean there aren't companies trying to imitate an MBT shoe. In the end, it is just that - an imitation. That, as with all inventions, is what makes original MBT shoes.
Original MBT - the shoes with training effect
For the sake of your health, you should definitely pay attention to healthy footwear. And if possible, do so before you can no longer get to sleep because of the pain. Walking on hard, man-made industrial floors for many years has already affected your joints, muscles and tendons. Even if you do not consciously notice it yet. To avoid further damage, you should definitely switch from "normal" shoes to MBTs. The difference is so serious that you will feel it as soon as you take your first step. Your training starts immediately. If you don't feel any effect, you have unfortunately encountered an imitation.