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We are an official MBT dealer with an online shop and a specialised retail shop in the centre of Cologne. Our online shop also offers you the largest selection of MBT shoes in Germany. If you have already had your first experience with an MBT shoe, you will know the positive effect Masai Barefoot Technology has on your musculoskeletal system. In addition to the convenient ordering option in our online shop, we also offer expert advice from a master orthopaedic technician at our premises in Cologne - so that you can decide on the shoe that suits your needs! Our MBT sandals for men and women are very popular in the warmer seasons. Stop by and let us assist you.

What are MBT shoes?

MBT shoes are a long-lasting investment in your health. Unlike conventional shoes, MBT shoes not only offer protection and comfort, but also promote the health and well-being of the whole body. They ensure a healthy posture, protect bones and joints, train the back and leg muscles and improve balance. Responsible for the many positive effects is a thick, rounded sole with the soft Masai Sensor at its heart. The MBT shoe is therefore more of a training device that ensures that regular wear relieves pain in the musculoskeletal system and automatically improves posture. A protective posture, into which one moves when pain becomes too intense, becomes superfluous. It is not for nothing that MBT shoes have been successfully used in the prevention and rehabilitation of joint and back pain for many years.

The positive effects of MBT shoes on your health

Posture disorders, joint pain and back problems are among the widespread diseases of the civilised world. Not infrequently, the cause of these problems lies with the shoes, because the health of the foot and also the back depends significantly on the right footwear. MBT shoes are the solution to various complaints such as work-related posture problems, back and joint pain or circulatory disorders. MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology and enables healthy standing and walking with its patented sole construction. The development of the shoes is based on the observation that humans were originally used to walking barefoot on soft natural surfaces. Today, however, people walk on flat and hard floors and wear constricting and supportive shoes.

Health is not usually a priority and functionality is only taken into account in connection with sporting activities. The monotonous movement patterns cause excessive strain on the joints, while at the same time the foot, ankle and leg muscles work too little and consequently slacken. MBT brings a breath of fresh air to the passive gait pattern and transforms the hard everyday floor into a soft-elastic natural floor. The unstable, rounded sole design encourages constant balancing, actively stabilising the joints from the muscles and exercising long-neglected muscles. This turns every step into a little fitness exercise. In our MBT shop in Cologne, you can try on these innovative functional shoes and receive expert advice from a master orthopaedic technician! If you know which MBT shoes you would like, you can also order them conveniently in our online shop with no shipping costs.

The advantages of MBT shoes at a glance:

- Training and strengthening of the gluteal, abdominal and back muscles
- Relief of the knee and hip joints
- Relief of the feet
- Relief of the back
- Training coordination skills
- Development of a more upright posture
- Tensions are relieved
- improves blood circulation in the legs and feet
- Stimulation of the metabolism
- additional calories are burnt while walking and standing

The big MBT Store - shoes for women and men now also available online

The special thing about the functional shoes is that they not only improve physical well-being, but also impress with their design. MBT proves with its fresh, fashionable and high-quality models that comfortable and healthy shoes can also look good. Thanks to their modern look, the shoes are also suitable for everyday wear. We offer both MBT shoes for women and MBT shoes for men in our shop in Cologne and in our online shop. Browse through our wide selection. From sporty MBT shoes for workouts to MBT work shoes, from airy sandals to boots - at the MBT Store Cologne you will find the right shoe for every season and every occasion. And thanks to our MBT Online Shop, you don't have to spend a long time wandering through shops looking for the right MBT shoe. Simply buy your new MBT shoes online from the comfort of your own home and free shipping! As an authorised MBT shop in Germany, we attach great importance to fast delivery, fair prices and competent service in addition to an extensive selection. Bargain hunters beware - also check out our sale!