Payment methods

Payment options via PayPal Plus
In order to simplify payments in our online shop and to offer you even more security, we have decided to offer you payments via PayPal Plus in the future. The advantage of this solution is that you can also make payments via PayPal Plus if you do not have your own PayPal account. The following payment methods are available for you to choose from:
The most convenient option. Simply pay for your purchase as usual via your PayPal account.
Direct debit:
You do not have a PayPal account, a credit card and do not want to buy on account? In this case, you have the option of choosing the direct debit payment method. The debit will be made by PayPal.
We provide you with the option to make your purchase on account. The invoice is payable, without deduction, to PayPal Plus within 7 days of receipt of the products you have ordered. You can find PayPal's bank account information in the email from PayPal regarding your purchase. Thank you very much.
Credit card:
Select your provider and enter your credit card details. Customers who wish to use a prepaid credit card to make their online purchases, please ensure that there are sufficient funds, otherwise the purchase cannot be completed.
What are the advantages of paying via PayPal Plus?
- No matter which payment method you choose - without exception, you make all payments to PayPal Plus.
- Extended buyer protection for all available payment methods.
- Smooth processing of your transactions.
Additional payment options
In addition to the payment methods via PayPal Plus, we offer you the following further options:
Prepayment means that you must transfer the amount to us in advance, stating your order number. Your order will only be dispatched once we have received the money in our account. Please transfer the amount to our bank account and enter your order number in the reason for payment. You will receive this in the order confirmation after your purchase.
Cash on delivery:
For cash on delivery orders, you pay the invoice amount only upon delivery by our logistics partner. The invoice amount must be paid in cash. Please have the exact amount ready, as the delivery staff do not always have change on hand. If you are not available at the time of delivery, you can pay and receive the order at a nearby post office, for example. You will then find detailed information on the notification card in your letterbox.
Cash on delivery fees:
Please note that DHL charge a cash on delivery fee of €5.60 per parcel. This fee is outside the area of responsibility of the MBT Store Cologne and cannot be influenced by us. It is therefore not shown on our invoice and must be paid in cash directly to the parcel carrier together with the invoice amount.